EWA Network at AGORA TALKS | Stop Being a Conformist

AGORA TALKS | Stop Being a Conformist. Discussing Methods & Tools on How to Secure a Safer Workplaceitle

EWA Network's director Jenni Koski at the AGORA TALK. Stop Being a Conformist. Discussing Methods and Tools on How to Secure a Safer Workplace for Everyone.

Speakers: Jenni Koski, General Director, EWA (European Women’s Audiovisual Network) - Finland | Vassiliki Diagouma, Head of Communication & International Relations Department, EKOME – Greece | Anna Kasimati, Head of Creative Europe Media Desk – Greece | Katerina Kaklamani, Head of Development, Mega Channel - Greece | Kalliopi Lykovardi, Gender Equality Deputy, The Greek Ombudsman - Greece Right now, along with the #MeToo movement, a significant shift is happening when it comes to addressing workplace bullying. What people consider acceptable is changing and while the low level of complaints may suggest the problem is not widespread, workplace practitioners insist that bullying in the audiovisual sector is prevalent and has considerable negative impacts. Is there a conformist culture in the industry that preserves the phenomenon and why do people stay quiet and do not intervene, even when it would be best for everyone?