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We are all living through a time of inevitable change, when familiar things are transformed or replaced. We ourselves are forced to change our practices, habits, values and priorities. We have to adapt to an as yet unknown reality, while retaining hope for a more balanced, empathetic and sustainable world – one that will need a little contribution from each one of us, equally.

The pandemic has hit women particularly hard, adding to the various forms of inequality they have faced for a long time because of their duties as mothers, caregivers or freelancers.

To support our community and show solidarity with our members, we are stepping in with a new initiative, EWA Talks CHANGE. We will be holding screen-to-screen conversations with different guests who have had to reinvent own lives and careers to adapt to unavoidable circumstances and embrace new realities. A friendly talk will be moderated by Alessia Sonaglioni and followed by a Q & A session with the online audience.

Regularly, we will e-meet one of our sparkling roster of friends sharing their own creative solutions and offering inspiration and comfort to ease our minds. We will be open, honest, caring and inclusive. We will aim to keep calm in these turbulent times - staying in control of our lives, priorities and future prospects.

Should you have a story you would like to share with our community, contact us at

Keep tuned  and join us at EWA Network's lounge from your home!

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