Who we are

EWA Network was born in 2013 as an initiative of a group of women working in the European film industry. The feeling they shared of inequality for women working in the film industry was confirmed with facts and figures revealed by the EWA Network study published in 2016 : although 44% of film school graduates in Europe are women, only 16% of public funding go to films directed by women. Since then, EWA Network has grown as a strong and supportive community for women audiovisual professionals across Europe, organising activities for members which boost their careers and put them into a new spotlight, being present at important industry events and advocating for more gender equality measures in the European film industry.

I would love to see more women directors because they represent half of the population - and gave birth to the whole world. Without them writing and being directors, the rest of us are not going to know the whole story.

Jane Campion