EWA Network Bloggers

Find out more about the EWA Network bloggers who bring women audiovisual professionals into the spotlight of the European film industry.

Véronique Le Bris


Journalist Véronique Le Bris approaches cinema by following the economy of the sector for the weekly Stratégies and for Ecran Total. Critic and reporter, she participated in the creation of Zurban and Elle in Paris, collaborated with Nouvel Obs before leading the editorial staff of Première magazine. Since then, she has founded cine-woman.fr, the first women's webmagazine on cinema.
Véronique is the author of a book of stunning female movie portraits, published March 8, 2018 at Marest Publisher.

Véronique covers the French film market for EWA Network.

Kristina Zorita


Based in San Sebastian, Kristina Zorita is a TV reporter with more than 20 years of experience. Currently also a cinema blogger, she has covered festivals such as Berlinale, Cannes and San Sebastian, among others.

Kristina covers the Spanish film market for EWA Network.

Sophie Charlotte Rieger


Sophie Charlotte Rieger is a German journalist, blogger and feminist activist living and working in Berlin. The focus of her work is the representation of women in the movie industry - on and off screen. In 2014 she launched the website filmloewin.de which is still the only German feminist film blog. The aim of this project is to support female filmmakers as well as establish a feminist discourse in German film journalism.

Sophie covers the German film market for EWA Network.

Carolina Mancini


Carolina Mancini is a freelance journalist, based in Florence, Italy. She has more than 15 years of experience reporting from Cinema and TV Market and Festivals as deputy editor for the trade magazine Cinema&Video International.

She works with schools as an educator of film literacy and film critics for students, being part of the team of the Tuscany Region program Lanterne Magiche.

She has also dealt with the theme of immigration in radio, hosting a dedicated radio show on the Florentine radio station Novaradio, and writing and directing the short movie ChiantiShare, supported by the Migrarti award. She has taken courses in scriptwriting and podcast making and enjoys working with narrative constructions