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European Women’s
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Promoting gender equality in the European audiovisual sector

Since its beginning in 2013, EWA Network has built a growing community of European women audiovisual professionals who can advance their careers, share their experiences and provide each other with mutual support in our network. Our aim is to reach gender equality with an intersectional approach in the audiovisual sector in Europe.


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EWA Network Programmes

Membership gives you access to apply to our career boosting programmes, including the Berlin scriptwriter’s residency and the mentoring programme for emerging women producers.

Networking Events

Our networking events at festivals and markets across Europe (Cannes, Berlinale…) are the perfect opportunity to meet other EWA Network members, and share with them your projects and ideas.

Index of Members

Find a list of all EWA Network members, their filmography and biography in the EWA Network Index of members. You can get in touch with other members and create your own online profile.

Notice Board

Looking for a woman co-producer, a DOP or a scriptwriter based in Paris, Belgrade or even Istanbul? Share your specific needs on a project with the EWA Network community on our notice board.


They trust us


As a young, emerging producer, they helped me a lot. Every question you ask about your future, plans, career... you always have a contact, that’s what I like about EWA Network.

Suzan Güverte
Producer, Istanbul


The experience of EWA and joining this network was amazing. For me it was the first time I joined a group of women who work all together. This creates a very nice energy and solidarity between us which I hope will last. 

Valeria Mazzucchi
Director and Producer, Berlin


You get to be part of a network, a sort of support network, instead of being alone in my filmmakers bubble and feeling I have to push through with no help. That has empowered me so much.

Irene de Lucas
Director and Scriptwriter, Paris


I don't think I would have been able to say "I am going to go out and put a face to my film" without the solidarity of my new sisters from EWA Network.

Sarah Beddington
Artist and Filmmaker, London