Our Mission

EWA Network is a pan-European organisation advocating for gender equality in the European audiovisual sector. It acts as an international community that globally connects women audiovisual professionals. At the core of EWA Network's strategy is the fight for gender equality with the approaches of inclusiveness and intersectionality in the European audiovisual industry.

Our goal

EWA Network is a pan-European organisation advocating and working for gender equality in the European audiovisual sector.

Throughout our programs we have a clear strategy with which we:

  • promote gender equality with an intersectional approach;
  • create a strong community of audiovisual professionals and organisations committed to changing the European audiovisual sector into more equal and inclusive. Inside our community, our members can share their experiences and expertise in safe and supported spaces, with the help of our mutual support programs such as mentoring, peer networks and capacity building activities;
  • promote greater visibility and equal access of the EWA Network members and in general women artists and creative professionals working in the industry.

What we do

The European Women’s Audiovisual Network supports equal and inclusive European film industry. Through networking opportunities, career boosting programs, research and advocacy, as well as special member events and benefits, we advance the professional development of women and make their contributions visible and recognised in the European audiovisual sector.

Annual Activity Reports

2022 Activity report: download

2021 Activity report: download

2020 Activity report: download

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