EWA Network Online Hang-outs, an initiative to foster online networking

During our annual meeting in Berlin, EWA Network launched four discussion tables whereby members liaised around topics particularly relevant to women working in the audiovisual industry.

After listening to our members needs, we have commited to continue these conversations. Thus, we are going to continue the discussions through an online space, to adding a new way for our members to connect.

The hang outs are intended to facilitate EWA members interaction on hot topics introduced by an expert.

Recordings of past Talks


Through an online space where EWA members from all around can connect and know each other, we organise once a month a meeting where an expert introduces a topic followed by Q&A and members can interact.

Each meeting will last 90 minutes and include 20 members maximum. An invitation to join including all information will be sent to all members.

If you are not a member you can become one here

2023 Talks & Online Hang-Outs

January: EWA Mentoring Programme Events

Mentoring Seminar: On the distribution side. With Katazyna Siniarska

January Hang-Out with Asia Jarzyna

Get to know WILLCO, the app

February Workshop. Mentoring Programme

Acceleration Workshop with Juliane Schulze

Hang - Out ASIA

2022 Talks & Online Hang-Outs

January: EWA Networking Events

A Reel Story. A fireside chat with  Rita Baghdadi and Sundance winner Ondi Timoner

March Hang-Out with Tina Trapp

Empowering Female entrepreneurs

March Masterclass by EWA & Film Reframed

Frame like the female masters

April Hang-Out with Josephine Landertinger Forero

Learn about NFT

 May Hang-out with Writers Lab Europe

EWA Network's Hangout with Writers Lab Europe, exclusive for EWA Network members

July Hang-Out with Inna Sahakyan

Let's talk about animation!

July Seminar with Karoliina Dwyer

Working with International Sales Companies

September Hang-Out with Cecilie Bolvinkel

Get to know IMS

October Seminar with Filomena Cusano

All about Contracts

November Hang Out with ID;, Süd Tirol team

Get to know the  RACCONTI programme


2021 Online Hang-Outs

February Hang-Out with Pia Rickman

Increased creativity through safety

April Hang-Out with Nadya Gorshkova

Case study on International co-productions

July Hang-Out with Mercedes Martínez- Abarca

Ins and Outs of a 1st class festival

October Hang-Out with Jenna Suru

Networking in the postpandemic world

December: EWA talks with Christina Sulebakk

A masterclass with HBO MAX EMEA General Manager


2020 Online Hang-Outs

January Hang-Out with Brigid O'Shea

Documentary Film Markets and events: planning your calendar  in 2020

February Hang-Out with Manuela Buono

Film Sales: How to stand in the crowded Market

March Hang-Out with Silvia Sandrone

New in applying to Creative Europe?

April Hang-Out with Claudia Tosi

How to defeat the scary white page?

May Hang-Out with Anna Ciennik

Rock the Market

June Hang-Out with Simona Nobile

10 questions about Script Development

June Hang-Out with Pnacekova, Guth and Paggiarin

How to start in Virtual Reality

July Hang-Out with Juliane Schulze

Alternative Financing for Independent Films

July Hang-Out with Katre Kajamäe

How to apply to Eurimages: facts & legends

September Hang-Out with Ioulia Isserlis

VR: Blurring the lines between Cinema and Gaming

October Hang-Out with Vicky Miha

The road to Project Marketing: CHECKPOINTS & PITFALLS

2019 Online Hang-Outs

September Hang-Out with Alessia Sonaglioni

5 things you need to know to co-produce in Europe.

October Hang-Out with Noa Cacharel

The Road to Success.Key points in a successful Festival Strategy.

November Hang-Out with Ada Solomon

From the idea to the film project: how to develop your film. 

December Hang-Out with Cécile Despringre

Stand up for your rights!