EWA Network Online Hang-outs, an initiative to foster online networking

During our annual meeting in Berlin, EWA Network launched four Daring Circles whereby members liaised around topics particularly relevant to women working in the audiovisual industry.

Private and Professional Life Balance with Kate Kinninmont
Networking in Festivals and Markets with Brigid O’Shea
Self-Promotion in the Industry with Francine Raveney
Chasing the Money with Alessia Sonaglioni

After listening to our members needs, we have commited to continue these circles. Thus, we would like to offer all members, including those who cannot travel regularly to festivals and markets, the same opportunities. Therefore we are going to continue the discussions started in Berlin through an online space. This doesn’t mean film festivals and markets are going to be replaced, we are adding a new way for our members to connect.

We have joined our forces with Rossscammm Films & Marketing to facilitate EWA members interaction on hot topics introduced by an expert. We are calling these meetings EWA Network Online Hang-outs.


Through an online space where EWA members from all around can connect and know each other, we organise once per month a meeting where an expert introduces a topic followed by Q&A and members can interact.

Each meeting will last 90 minutes and include 20 members at maximum. An invitation to join including all information will be sent to all members.

If you are not a member you can become one here