Mentoring for Women Producers

The film mentoring programme is specifically aimed at women cinema producers who have already a relevant experience at the national level and wish to evolve further to a European/international dimension. In most cases this growth also involves a strategic and business development of their company.

Scriptwriter's Residency in Berlin

EWA’s scriptwriter residency program is a great initiative dedicated to supporting the next generation of screenwriting talents among EWA members. It helps them to enter the industry with the best script possible by working on the strategic positioning of their project . Its purpose is to give a selected woman scriptwriter or director the opportunity to be mentored by a script consultant, to work with her before the Berlinale and to attend the EFM at the Berlinale 2018 to make connections.


EWA Network partners up with European workshops for audiovisual professionals to offer participants specific courses on digital tools for filmmakers, how to develop powerful female and male characters and on gender bias in the film industry.