Film industry workshops

EWA Network partners up with European workshops for audiovisual professionals to offer participants specific courses on digital tools for filmmakers, how to develop powerful female and male characters and on gender bias in the film industry.

EAVE - Developing powerful female and male characters

Participants of the 2018 edition of the EAVE producer’s workshop are offered the opportunity to participate in EWA´S ground-breaking workshop to learn how to challenge the way we shape women and men in our films and become an innovative creator of female and male characters.

What impact do patriarchal thought patterns have on character development? As filmmakers, how do we influence the fictional presentation and perception of women and other social groups by our use of images and sound? Do we simply reproduce old ways of thinking through our « archeological » approach to presenting protagonists in our stories? What are the new tools for shaping characters in a more balanced way? What does it mean to activate a more feminine gaze on the world no matter whether you are a man or a woman? How we can help give birth to new perspectives on ourselves and others?

Simona Nobile

 Two script consultants are attached to the programme:

Simona Nobile is an international script consultant, screenwriter and trainer. She is script consultant for European Film Funds such as Fondation Gan/Groupe Ouest, Torino Film Lab, Moulin d’Andé, Antalya Film Forum, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. As a Member of the Selection Committee of the Italian MIBACT – Cinema Department (2014-2017) she has been responsible for the selection of feature projects applying for national development and production funding. She is member of EWA Network and a current member of the Selection Committee for the Lazio Cinema International Fund. She teaches ‘Story Editing’ at the Università La Sapienza of Rome and she’s a trainer at FIOFA. (Fluent in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish)

Suzanne Pradel is an international script consultant, lecturer, sales agent and book scout. For many years, she has been working as a script consultant for several national and European Film Funds. In 2009 she founded the BuchScout Agency ( which specializes in novel-to-film adaptations as well as int. script consultancy, developing sophisticated European TV and cinematic features. She is a member of the German Association of Script Consultancy (VeDRA) and is the script consultant attached to EWA ´s Female Scriptwriter Residency in Berlin. (Fluent in German, English, French)

Past Workshops

Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films (2015-2016)

The key objective of MRST4FF has been to equip European audiovisual professionals with the necessary skills to reach a wide international audience in the context of digital convergence, through an innovative training course designed with experts in online marketing & distribution, presenting new business models for the film industry. Participants were taught to consider films in terms of digitized data content, thereby helping them to see their projects in the context of innovative business models which can help generate multiple revenue streams. The workshop put filmmakers in a stronger position to maximize financial gains and ensure widest possible audience exploitation for their projects.

This workshop was built in collaboration and with the generous support of Kobi Shely. Online marketing professional with a focus on video and the film industry, he works with creators to reach their audience and build communities through a various distribution channel. Kobi executes and manages marketing campaigns, and partnerships for video on demand companies such as Distrify, Dailymotion, and Creative Europe MEDIA's EUROVOD organizations with a particular focus on expanding solutions for selling films. Find out more here :

  • 2016 in Pisa and Strasbourg : Alumni
  • 2015 in Glasgow, Amsterdam and Barcelona : Alumni

Online marketing and distribution - Istanbul (2014)

Family Pic Istambul

Pitcher Perfect - Barcelona (2013)