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Film Centre of Montenegro, Community Member of EWA Network

Film Centre of Montenegro new Community Member of EWA Network

We are delighted to welcome a new community member and partner.

The Film Centre of Montenegro is a public institution, established in 2017 with the aim of creating the proper, stimulating environment for the Montenegrin film community and its promotion to Europe and the world. Its main activities cover: the management of the film fund; the support of new film productions; the promotion of Montenegrin cinema and its potential for international productions; training programmes for film professionals directed towards raising the level of their professional skills; as well as the series of activities around film festivals and film literacy.

The Centre is also focused on promotion of Montenegrin filming locations and administrates the process of Cash Rebate programme. Montenegro is a member of MEDIA and Eurimages.

Welcome managing director Aleksandra Božović and producers Marija Nikčević and Danijela Radulović


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