Spanish premiere of Letters to Paul Morrissey

Spanish Premiere of Letters To Paul Morrisey at Seville European Film Festival.

The feature film, directed by Armand Rovira,  is composed of five letters. Saida Benzal (EWA member) is  the director of the letter #4 and the co-writer of the film. The team had collaborated in the shortfilm Hoissuru, the winner of Sitges Noves Visions 2017.

The film, previously selected in many international workshops like Eurimages Lab Project Award in Karlovy Vary, Fid Lab Marseille, won L'Alternativa  Work in Progress and Ymagis Eclair award in REC Festival.
Its Spanish premiere will be at Festival de cine Europeo de Sevilla, Nuevas Olas, on the 11th of November.  The international premiere will be in the prestigious  POFF Tallin Black nights on  27th November.
Letters to Paul Morrissey is a 16mm black and white film; five stories where the main characters confess their problems, concerns and intimacy to the NY filmmaker Paul Morrissey. The leads share the same problems of his characters: drugs, vampirism, fear to the passing of time, existential crisis.

Udo breaks away with everything, looking for his salvation in the faith way, choosing a lonely and obsessive path // Joe Dallessandro talks about his experience as a drug addict. // Olena is a fifty-two years old woman; she was a well known actress in TV shows during the seventies and currently she is incapable to face her age, the pass of the time // Two lovers condemned to live together but separated forever // Hiroko is a Japanese girl who suffers a sharp pain inside her head caused by a specific sound frequency that only she can hear it.

Furthermore, Saida Benzal is in promotion as the lead of  Fishbone, the last film of Adán Aliaga, which has premiered  in the renowned Mostra de Valencia and then Abycine Albacete International Film Festival before its theatrical release next Spring. Saida Benzal has just received a nomination as a best lead actress from the Valencian Academy of Audiovisual for her role in this film.