“Hoissuru” at Menorca Film Festival

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

HOISSURU, written by Saida Benzal continues its successful career at Menorca Film Festival

HOISSURU directed by Armand Rovira and written by EWA member Saida Benzal, won this weekend the award of best shortfilm in Menorca Film Festival.

The film won the last edition of Sitges Film Festival New Visions, as best shortfilm, best shortfilm in Lucca Film Festival and it has been selected in many festivals in the last months: Alcine, Festival de Málaga, Olhar de Cinema- Curitiba Film Festival, Cinemajove, Durban Film Festival... Still in touring festivals.


Hiroko is a 23 year old Japanese girl that suffers from a condition caused by listening to a specific sound frequency inside her head. This heightens depending on the sounds she can hear, increasing during the day, when there is more background noise, which makes her prefer the night time. Every time she listens to this sound frequency she gets a small nose bleed. This great problem drives her to a terrible solitude, day dreaming in her room while playing with all sorts of analogic and digital equipment (spectrum analyzers, equalizers, noise-reducing headphones, etc...). A combination of drugs are able to temporarily cancel this disturbing frequency that prevents Hiroko from leading a normal life and enjoying the small things in life such as music, one of her passions. In her room while analyzing sound frequencies, Hiroko discovers that there are some voices in particular that could minimize her problem forever and would enable her to give up the drugs she has ended up terribly addicted to. All of the voices recorded by Hiroko fail as at some point they contain the terrible frequency, but this changes when by chance she meets Agnés, who is obsessed with the Japanese culture and with whom she establishes a strong connection. Agnes has a voice that will calm her pathology. This becomes a necessity for Hiroko, making her want that voice forever. Agnes replaces Hiroko's silence with her own stories, in which she will confess her innermost secrets to the young Japanese girl, leading to a relationship between them which will become symbiotic in nature.

The Writer

Saida Benzal is the writer of the shortfilm Hoissuru, directed by Armand Rovira. Saida is also a director and she's been acting since 2001. Next Fall-Winter 2018 will be the premiere of Letters to Paul Morrissey, a feature film shot in 16mm divided in five stories, directed by Armand Rovira where she directs one of the five stories and is the writer of the whole film with him. The feature film was selected in many international work in progress: Eurimages Lab Project Award Karlovy Vary 2016. Fid Lab Marseille 2017. Winner work in progress L'Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona 2016. Winner Ymagis Eclair work in progress REC Festival de Tarragona 2016. 

HOISSURU is still in touring festivals: Alcine Festival Alcalá, Olhar de Cinema- Curitiba Film Festival, Maremetraggio shorts Trieste, Cinema Jove, Durban Film Festival.

Currently Saida is developing her first own feature film Portrait, as a director and writer. The script was developed in the last edition of Sources 2 this April, 2018 in Berlin. Her last lead role as an actress is in the feature film Fishbone directed by Adán Aliaga this 2018, shot between New York and Spain. Soon theatrical release and festivals.