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The Girl with the Needle at Cannes Official Competition. EWA members at the 2024’s Festival de Cannes

The Girl with the Needle, co-produced by Madeleine Ekman, to the Official Competition

“The Girl With the Needle” by Magnus von Horn,  coproduced by Madeleine Ekman is heading to Festival de Cannes, selected for the Official Competition.

“The Girl With the Needle" is the result of collaboration of the Nordisk Film and their Danish team led by producer Malene Blenkov, Lava Films with our producer Mariusz Włodarski and Nordisk Film Sverige led by co-producer Madeleine Ekman.

EWA Network congratulates Ekman and we are honoured to have her in the pool of mentors in our Mentoring Programme.

The picture revolves around a young factory worker, played by Vic Carmen Sonne, who is struggling to survive in post-World War I in Copenhagen.

Everybody Loves Touda, co-produced by Elisa Pirir, to Cannes Premiere

EWA Network congratulates Elisa Fernanda Pirir, owner of Staer film and a former participant in the EWA Network Mentoring Programme.

Touda is a Sheikha, a traditional Moroccan singer. Performing in the bars of her provincial town under the gaze of men, she plans to leave for the lights of Casablanca, to gain recognition and ensure a better future for her son. Amidst a hypnotic soundscape of Moroccan music, Nabil Ayouch portrays a vibrant woman and mother.



We are looking forward to knowing  all the films in the Festival de Cannes line-up , hopefully including more films directed by women because only four films in the official conmpetition is not enough.