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A conversation with the editors Katja Dringenberg, Anne Fabini and Réka Lemhényi

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Women in creative positions: a conversation with the editors

In the context of EWA Network's Annual Event for members during Berlinale,  we're delighted to have the opportunity to sit with Fabini, Dringenberg and Lemhényi, who have cut and edited more than a hundred films.    

The conversation will be held on February 24th at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. It will be moderated by Tamara Tatishvili.

Anne Fabini is the editor of oscar-nominated documentary OF FATHERS AND SONS, (dir. Talal Derki, 2018) and Sundance World Documentary Grand Jury Award winner RETURN TO HOMS (2014).

Several features she edited premiered in the Sundance Film Festival’s drama competition THE TALE (dir. Jennifer Fox, 2018), MORRIS FROM AMERICA (dir: Chad Hartigan, 2016) and HOUSTON (dir: Bastian Günther, 2013). Based in Berlin, she works as story consultant on documentaries worldwide. She is member of both the American and the European Film Academy. Her work was repeatedly nominated and awarded for Best Film Editing.

Katja Dringenberg is an editor and director, based in Berlin. Her body of work spans numerous films for cinema, fictional and documentary, and also TV.

She edited the early films of Tom Tykwer. She has won the German Camera Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis) twice for Andres Veiel‘s 'BLACKBOX BRD' and Tom Tykwer’s 'DEADLY MARIA' and was nominated for best editor for 'WINTERSCHLÄFER' as well as Peter Schamonis 'MAX ERNST - MY UNPATIENCE AND UNREST'.  Many of her works were awarded and shown on international festivals like Venice International Film festival or IDFA. She worked together with tunesian, french, syrian and italian Directors .

Her directorial work includes the documentaries 'KINDHEIT HINTER DRAHT', 'ICH DICH AUCH and ENDLICH'. For her edit and dramaturgical work on 'THE CONGO TRIBUNAL' from Milo Rau, she was nominated for the Swiss editing award. At the moment she is working on the edit and dramaturgy of the new movie of Milo Rau: THE NEW VANGELO.

Katja Dringenberg held numerous masterclasses on editing. Latest at Nyon Filmfestival Cinema Du Reel together with film composer Marcel Vaid. She sat many times in film commissions like Hessische Filmförderung.

Réka Lemhényi was born in Cluj, Romania. After the fall of communism 1989 moved in Budapest where she graduated from the University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest as a film editor and earning a MA degree in Theater Science at the Pannon University of Veszprem.

She had worked on number of features, Tv series, documentary films and commercials. She had the rare posibility to work with famous directors, among them with Oscar winner director ISTVÁN SZABÓ in THE DOOR starring HELEN MIRREN, top European directors such as JERZY SKOLIMOWSKI on his Venice Award winning film ESSENTIAL KILLING starring VINCENT GALLO or GYÖRGY PÁLFIs cult films TAXIDERMIA or FINAL CUT shown in Cannes Film Festival.

She has multiple hungarian and international BEST EDITOR awards, and she is member of EFA European Film Academy. She was member of international jurys, attend and also kept international workshops and from 2015 she has been teaching editing at the University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest.

If you are not a member, you can join EWA Network here to access the registration to our annual members meeting in Berlin.

This is an event officially supported by Berlinale