Inside the VFX: How to approach the world of Visual Effects

EWA Network is delighted to host EWA member and VFX and Animation producer Darina Johns Ivanova to share with EWA members her expertice and insight in the field of visual effects.

How to approach a VFX company, when your project needs VFX and a bunch of questions will be tackled by  Ivanova in a talk where EWA members will be able to ask questions and consider VFX in their productions.


EWA members will receive an invitation to attend this talk.


Through an online space where EWA members from all around can connect and know each other, we organise once a month a meeting where an expert introduces a topic followed by Q&A and members can interact.

Each meeting will last 75 minutes aprox and it's open to 20-25 EWA members, who can introduce themselves and participate in the following Q&A.

An invitation to join the talk will be sent to EWA members (first come, first served basis).

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Darina Johns Ivanova is a VFX Producer who currently lives in Montreal and works at VFX and Animation studio - DNEG/ReDefine.

She began her career in NYC, after receiving her BFA in Multimedia and Video Production from a liberal arts college in Vermont, USA. She then relocated to London, UK, where she continued freelancing for creative agencies until she decided to take a break and start her MA degree in Intellectual Property law, at Bournemouth University, UK. Subsequently, she worked for BSkyB and Cartoon Network, in London. In 2013 she was invited to join Boyana Film Studio’s VFX division, based in her home country - Bulgaria, and that is what marked the shift of her career into Visual Effects. In the following years she contracted for VFX and animation studios in the UK, Austria and Canada.


The Legend of Hercules (2014),  Nocturnal Animals (2016), 47 Meters Down (2017) ,  Secret Headquarter (2022)s are among her works.

You can check her filmography here