Ewa Network next stop will be in Finland, to participate and moderate workshops at the Gender Equality Seminar in Tampere.

The aim of the Seminar is to raise awareness on Gender Equality and to generate concrete ideas (in the group work) for projects that can contribute towards Gender Equality in the cultural sector. The Seminar ends in a panel discussion where EWA Network, represented by Tamara Tatishvili is invited to contribute to a discussion on how cultural organisations, institutions, networks, NGO´s and local authority can take onboard projects.

Else Christensen-Redzepovic, Project Manager of  Voices of Culture, will speak  about what´s new and what´s upcoming on Gender Equality in the cultural sector in the EU and will introduce the speakers Zita Holbourne, Tamara Tatishvili, Imogen Gunner and Christine Langinauer from Voices of Culture Gender Equality Cycle who will present issues identified and recommendations.


Else Christensen-Redzepovic is expert/advisor on international cultural relations, EU processes, policies and instruments related to culture. She works with public authorities, networks, institutions, organizations and NGO´s on policy, strategy, governance and action for sustainable cultural and creative development.

Zita Holbourne is an award-winning community and trade union activist, human rights campaigner, performancepoet, author, writer, visual artist, curator and vocalist. She campaigns for equality, freedom, justice and human rights through arts and activism.

Tamara Tatishvili comes from film funding & promotion background and has solid experience of working in European AV sector. In 2010-2013 she acted as Director of Georgian National Film Center; leading reform of the institution and initiating emergence of new wave of talented filmmakers. Tamara currently holds position of Strategy and Partnerships Manager at European Women’s Audiovisual Network.

Imogen Gunner is a performer, composer, educator and civil rights activist. She draws on a wide range of experience in grassroots campaigning surrounding issues of gender equality and reproductive rights in Ireland, housing, ethnicity, migration, travellers’ rights, disability rights, and freedom of speech

Christine Langinauer is a curator, writer and researcher based in Helsinki, Finland. She is currently working as planner at the Culture for All service, a service that promotes accessibility, diversity and equal treatment within the arts and culture field.

Christian Veske is the stakeholder relations officer at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) which is the European Union body to give technical assistance on gender equality to the European Union institutions and European Union Member States.