EWA Network's first training course

EWA Network’s first highly successful "Pitcher Perfect"  training course took place in October 2013. This 3-day workshop was aimed at producers and directors so that they could improve their pitching skills, increase their confidence levels and meet industry experts, including financiers, producers and experts in distribution.

EWA would like to thank SGAE Barcelona for their collaboration and partnership on this initiative.


Day 3 began with technical preparations ensuring all trailers were in place and then the pitches began... Who would be first?

The format was a 5-minute pitch followed by feedback from the 3 industry experts:
Fabien Westerhoff from Hanway Films. Sales & Distribution
Gavin Humphries, from Quark Films, London-based producer.
Josephine Rose, packaging expert from Wiggin Consultants.

Jan Miller wrapped proceedings and everyone was astonished by the level of improvement in the participants in such a short amount of time...

Francine H. Raveney then introduced EWA NETWORK to spectators and participants and thanked all of those who helped make the event work so well and the participants for coming, including Aurelie Grenet who grabbed everyone’s impressions and Alexia Muíños who managed the production of the event.

Three days of workshops

Day one started with the main pitching training delivered by Jan Miller.  All participants had to do their first pitch and were offered valuable practice, coaching and tailored advice. There were a range of projects including: documentaries, animation films, dramas, thrillers and a TV-series. The participants came from a range of countries, including Serbia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, UK, Portugal and the US.

The multiple award-winning Turkish producer Zeynep Atakan, opened day two sharing her vast experience of international co-productions. She defined for example the difference between artistic and financial co-productions and gave participants a privileged insight into the world of co-productions.

Interesting insights on the Eurimages application process and financing plans in general were provided by experts Alessia Sonaglioni and Francine H.Raveney.  All of the participants also had 1-to-1 sessions with Jan, and the opportunity to have financial consultations with Zeynep, Alessia and Francine.

Thank you and congratulations to participants of  EWA Network’s Pitcher Perfect training course: Emanuela Piovano, Canan Turan, Laura Calavia Safont, Eugenia Giné, Lenore Norrgard, Ana Godinho de Matos, Tricia Monk, Kirsty Peart, Carme Puche-Moré, Andromeda Godfrey, Diana Juhr de Benedetti, Ludovica Fales, Ceylan Naz Baycan and Lidija Mirkovic for coming along with your interesting projects. Lots of luck.

Testimonial - Many participants have since been in contact with the EWA Network Team to explain how attendance at this course was pivotal in their project moving forwards successfully. Good luck to everyone who took part.