Cineuropa Interview to Alexia Muiños Ruiz, EWA Network’s director of programmes

“There is a need for a more thorough approach to funding women’s projects”

In Trieste, Cineuropa and particularly Marisella Rossetti discussed the EWA Mentoring Programme for producers and how the landscape has changed in the ten years since EWA was founded.

Cineuropa: Tell us more about your presence at WEMW.

Alexia Muíños Ruiz: We are very proud, as there’s a big number of projects by participants in the mentoring programme that have been pitched, as well as many projects in the different sections of WEMW which see the involvement of other EWA members. The EWA Network was launched in 2013, but we started the mentoring programme in Trieste back in 2018, as we identified it as the perfect festival in terms of the quality of the industry experts and pitches, the size of the festival and the friendly ambiance, which merged perfectly with the immense professionalism of the organisers and participants.


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