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EWA’s Scriptwriter residency 2020: Interview with Celia Rico

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Interview with Celia Rico

Ewa Network talked to writer/director Celia Rico after her experience at the EWA Network Scriptwriters Residency

What was your motivation to apply to EWA's Scriptwriters Residency?

Writing is delicate, especially when you expose yourself in order to explore personal feelings and fears. To be able to do that, I need to immerse myself in a bubble. In the day to day, it is difficult to find that space. This is the reason I wanted to apply for the residency. I needed time and space to concentrate exclusively on the writing.

How did you expect the residency to help the development of your project?

Dialogue and feedback from a script consultant is very important to me. Most of the time, you ask for feedback when you have a script ready, but this time I wanted to have a creative dialogue from the beginning. That helps me to better understand the core of my project before facing new steps of the writing. Since the story I am developing has two female characters, the EWA residency was, for me, the perfect place to develop my story with the support of an experienced script consultant. On top of that, it was a great opportunity to live in Berlin and attend the Berlin Film Festival during my stay.

How was your first week in Berlin? Did things go as planned?  

During the residency, I shared a very nice flat in Neukölln with the Irish director Oonagh Kearney. During the first days, we explored the area thinking that the atmosphere of the neighborhood was the ideal framework for us to live and work in. I had never lived with another screenwriter, so it was a new and inspiring experience. Oonagh is great. She is generous, smart and fun. We supported each other by sharing our writing process and life in the flat. The first week we started getting to know each other and discovered we had many common interests in cinema. We shared the motivation and desire to make the most of our stay, and we started to fill the walls with notes and Post-its about our scripts. We also met our script consultant, Suzanne Pradel, for the first time and we both loved her.


WHAT has the residency and the sessions with the script consultant Suzanne Pradel brought to your project?

I feel very lucky and grateful for the opportunity EWA has given me with this residency. Suzanne Pradel has helped me to develop my project with useful and sensitive advice. I have greatly enjoyed working with her. She has an amazing analytical perspective, combined with inspiring creativity. Our talks during the sessions have helped me to see the weaknesses and strengths of my project and encouraged me to keep working on my characters, making them complex and multi-faceted.

Where does your project stand today? 

I went to the residency with a first treatment, as I was in an early stage of development. Now I’m working on the first draft of the script with the support of a Spanish film company (Arcadia Motion Pictures) and a French co-producer (Noodles Production).

Feedback after European Film market?

During the European Film Market, my producers and I had the chance to schedule some meetings to seek prospective distributors and sales agents for the new future. I am glad to share the news that we have received the Creative Europe Single Project by MEDIA, which is great support for the development of the LITTLE LOVES.

Would you recommend EWA's Scriptwriters Residency?

Definitely, yes. I can't think of any reason not to apply. It is the perfect place to focus exclusively on your own writing process, and a great boost for any female filmmaker who wants to develop a project. The EWA team makes you feel at home, and they encourage you throughout the residency.


Celia Rico's project, The Little Loves, has just received the support of Creative Europe Single project