Interview with Marcela Said

Francine Raveney
Francine Raveney

Interview with director Marcela Said


On the beautiful terrace of the Palais des Festivals, we had the opportunity to talk to the director Marcela Said.

We are here in Cannes with Marcela Said, whose latest film, "El verano de los peces voladores", "The summer of the flying fish", is in the Directors’ Fortnight of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

So, Marcela, how does it feel to showcase a film in Cannes?

I am really happy, I didnt expect it, so I am enjoying the moment

tell me more about your film.

It is the story of a female teenager, on vacaction with her family in the south of Chile; her father is obsessed with the fish in the lagoon and he wants to get rid of the fish, but the story is about the girl realising her father is not who she thought he was. Her father is also having lots of problems with the neighbours that are mapuche indians and the film has a strong political context.

Do you want to influence politics through filmmaking?

Yes, I have already directed 3 documentaries that are political. I am very confortable to talk about this subject as I am really interested in it. I am concerned about what is happening in the world, not just in Chile. Politics is something you cannot escape.

You live between Paris and Chile - has France influenced your filmmaking?

I have been living in Paris for 10 years and it is where I started my career, so absolutely French films have influenced me. I love France, and I have French nationality too.

As a female director did you have to make any sacrifices?

Yes, I have a kid who is 8 years’ old, so it’s very difficult just go and shoot, and spend another 2 months doing the sound. I feel like I have to abandon him, with his father which is Okay anyway, but it’s not an easy thing

Pictures by Alexia Muiños