Interview with Andrea Culkova

EWA Network talked to Director Andrea Culkova after her experience at the EWA Network's Scriptwriter's residency in Berlin.

What was your motivation to apply to EWA Network's scriptwriter's residency ? How did you expect it to help the development of your project ?
I was searching for international feedback on my project TESTOSTERONE STORY and I found the information about EWA Network's residency. I  was already aware of EWA Network's activities, but somehow I hadn't yet found enough time and energy to register as a member, with my busy everyday life.

By applying for the residency I registered for an EWA membership, so this was already a great chance! And I thought that maybe, if I was lucky enough, I would also get a great and precious chance to spend one month in Berlin writing with a true expert in script-writing - a real win-win strategy. So it didn't take much more for me to decide I would apply.

I knew that with TESTOSTERONE STORY I was touching an important and relevant subject, but it needed much more to reach the quality I was aiming for the script. I was sure that the combination of one month of focused work with the help of a great tutor would help enormously and I was actually right. I am a mother of 3 kids so you can imagine how busy I am in my ordinary working days and how hard it is for me to find the chance be alone and write.

Describe your first week in Berlin. Did things go as you had planned ?
Even if I am an experienced documentary director the story of fragile beauty of masculinity Is my first fiction project. I was so excited to finally have a chance to dig deep into the script.  The first Meeting with experienced script-consultant Suzanne Pradel went really well!  We just clicked.  I am a hard worker and so is Suzanne. So my head was spinning with all her comments, but I was really happy! Exhausted, but happy to learn something new and to have one month ahead without my 3 kids. I love them but we need our time, right?

What has Suzanne Pradel's expertise brought to your project ?
We met a couple of times during my stay and all meetings pushed the project ahead. Suzanne is always well prepared. What is also important to emphasize, is that she has the ability to listen to your wishes and goals, and to help you find the way to express them.

Where does your project stand today ?
Actually we are moving step by step and I am happy about it. In one month I am going back to Suzanne's to continue working together on the new version of the script and to rewrite the final promo material for the project. So please keep your fingers crossed for us so we can make big shift in the fall.

Looking back, would you recommend EWA Network's scriptwriter's residency ?
And if yes, to whom ?
I would recommend it highly! I think every woman can find her own way to benefit from EWA Network's residency.

Despite the fact that I am back in a rollercoaster of everyday duties with all the other projects and my kids, I keep a memory of the residency as an important and precious kick off which pushed me so much ahead. It also helped me build up my self-confidence as a female author with a unique view on things.  One month "alone" with your script baby can make miracles. It also works as a "therapy" because you finally have time for yourself to evaluate your life and make set your priorities, which is so hard in ordinary busy days. And this is so important because most of the time we are afraid to make big step in our life because we want to be perfect and we are scared to make mistakes. Thanks EWA Network for this great opportunity! And last but not least: Berlin and sisterhood are great and we need some fun - so I if you have a script - apply!! :)).

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