Zwiefka and Americanou projects at Marché du Film’s Goes To Cannes showcase

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Agnieszka Zwiefka and Yianna Americanou projects will be screened at Marché du Film’s Goes To Cannes showcase

In this year's digital version of Marché du Film, 20 works-in-progress, carefully selected from four international film events, will be screened and presented at  the 8th edition of Marché du Film’s  Goes to Cannes showcase, running from June 22-24.

Greece’s Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF, a partner of EWA Network), Poland’s New Horizons International Film Festival, Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) and India’s NFDC Film Bazaar will present five projects each.

The projects will be presented during two-hour online screenings from June 22-23. Furthermore, on June 24 fonline speed meetings will be arranged for industry professionals who attend the screening.

6 projects are going to be directed by female directors, which is a 30%.

Here is the complete project selection for the eighth Goes to Cannes:

New Horizons Polish Days

Everyone Has a Summer – Tomasz Jurkiewicz (Poland)
Producers: Magdalena Sztorc, Przemysław Miękinia (Before My Eyes)

The Horse Tail – Justyna Łuczaj-Salej (Poland)
Producer: Marcin Malatyński (Indeks Film Studio)

The Last Mission – Jacek Bławut (Poland)
Producers: Anna Bławut Mazurkiewicz, Bartek Gliński (Aura Films)

The Moths – Piotr Stasik (Poland)
Producer: Paweł Kosuń (Centrala)

Wika! – Agnieszka Zwiefka (Poland/Germany/Finland/Italy)
Producers: Katarzyna Ślesicka, Ania Stylińska (My Way Studio),, Pystymetsa, Stefilm

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Dog – Yianna Americanou (Cyprus/Greece)
Producers: Monica Nicolaidou, Effie Skrobola, Vassilis Tzanidis, Giorgos Kyriakos, Costas Lambropoulos

Esperanto – Stratis Chatzielenoudas (Greece)
Producer: Ioanna Petinaraki

Green Sea – Angeliki Antoniou (Greece/Germany)
Producers: Lilette Botassi (Inkas Films), Angeliki Antoniou (Angeliki Antoniou Filmproduktion), Jost Hering (Jost Hering Filme)

If it’s not OK it’s not the end – Salvador Muñoz Saiz (Greece/Spain)
Producer: Salvador Muñoz Saiz

Made in Vain – Michael Klioumis (Greece)
Producer: Louizos Aslanidis

Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum

The Borderlands – Samarth Mahajan (India)
Producers: Ashay Gangwar, Sunil Doshi (All Things Small)

Born to Be Second – Jian Fan (China)
Producers: Richard Liang, S Leo Chiang (FAN Film Studio)

Dear Immigrants: What Was Your First Meal? – Fei Pang Wong (Hong Kong)
Producer: Diana Cheung (Tonikaku Pictures Limited)

Ningdu – Lei Lei (Hong Kong/Netherlands/USA)
Producer: Isabelle Glachant (Chinese Shadows)

Olympic Halftime - Haruna Honcoop (Czech Republic/Greece/Slovakia)
Producer: Vít Janecek (D1film)

NFDC Film Bazaar

Fire in the Mountains – Ajitpal Singh (India)
Producer: Ajay Rai (Jar Pictures)

The Knot – Ashish Pant (India)
Producer: Kartikeya Singh (Route One Productions LLP)

Pedro – Natesh Hegde (India)
Producer: Rishab Shetty (Rishab Shetty Films)

Two Friends – Prasun Chatterjee (India)
Producers: Prasun Chatterjee, Prosenjit Ranjan Nath, Soumya Mukhopadhyay, Ivy Yu-Hua Shen (Kathak Talkies)

Shankar’s Fairies – Irfana Majumdar (India)
Producer: Nita Kumar (Nita Kumar Productions)