Willco, a new tool to make film production management easier

Willco, a new tool to manage film production

Combining features of film coordination and management, Willco is a cloud application for film and TV production developed by filmmakers who knew their needs were beyond spreadsheets, crossed emails, phone calls, memos, sticky notes and scribbles to coordinate teams. 

EWA member Asia Jarzyna is one of the co-founders  of this powerful tool which handles the essential production aspects:  cast and crew hiring, suppliers management, shooting and production locations' management and prep and shooting activities scheduling

After a successul beta phase, Willco was launched by the end of 2018.

Willco integrates features of information sharing and distribution, digital approval, issuing of production documents and paperless legal paperwork processing and certified digital signature. Their goal is green filming, saving paper, ink and energy with the proper tools.

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Collaborate with the whole team

Digital approvals

Eliminate approval bottlenecks with our digital approval tool. Improve communication between Producers, UPM and the Coordination Team, automating the approval process for cast and crew hiring and travels.

Task management

Status buttons, dashboard alerts and email notifications inform you of data conflicts and almost due tasks, such as contracts to sign, meetings to confirm, tickets to issue, deal memos to complete and a long etcetera.

Real-time collaboration

Willco eliminates the need to type the same data over and over again and allows the production team to work in unison, sharing all the information online. Wave goodbye to time-consuming repetitions!

Everything at a glance


Travel and accommodation management

Enter the trip details of any cast or crew member to have the travel approved by the UPM, to issue Travel Orders or any travel and accommodation charts.

Location management

Introduce production and shooting locations and have your crew assigned to each location, being able to plan company moves, individual trips or any other production events.

Production events management

Get organised, stay on schedule and keep your team updated. Combine production events with crew starts, travel details, and shooting details to issue production diaries and calendars.