Where have all our Dreams Gone, selected in Monterrey Film Festival and Jaipur

Where have all our dreams Gone continues its Festival career

The documentary by Patrizia Fregonese and produced by Kalabrone Film Srl and AAMOd – Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio has been selected at Monterrey Film Festival and Jaipur.

Synopsis: More than 50 years have passed since a man said "I have a dream". That man was Martin Luther King. In the world young people fought for justice and human rights. Everything seemed possible…Where have all those dreams gone? What the young dream of today? It seems that many young people find it difficult to dream. Many say that they are superficial, just look at the Cosplayers…A kind of multicolored, naif stupid game. But is it really like that? Or maybe not?


Director's Biography

Patrizia Fregonese is a writer, director and producer. Her love for cinema and theatre began very soon, reading books of Poe, Pirandello and G.B. Shaw with her grandma. She has worked with different directors as director assistant and writer: Maurizio Nichetti, Leo Benvenuti, Bogdan Dreyer, Kadour Naimi, Tonino Zangardi and Andrea Frezza. In 2003 her first direction was a short: S-vamp-ink that was the most clicked on the web according to ShortVillage. She has been awarded best film for “Feed the peace “ a documentary in 2007 at A Film for Peace Film Festival . Her short BLOOD had a special mention at Venice days - Bookciack Award 2013.