We are Inside, to its world Premire in Visions du Réel

We are inside by Farah Kassem will have its premiere at Visions du Réel

EWA Network is delighted to see that much anticipated film by Farah Kassem will have its international premiere in Visions du Réel on 18th of April.

We fell in love with that project years ago and EWA Network awarded the project with its Development Award in Dok Leipzig.

We congratulate the director Farah Kassem and producers Cynthia Choucair (road2films) and Patricia Drati (



After a fifteen-year absence, Farah returns to Lebanon to live with her ageing father. There, the two try to find a common language that will allow them to have one last conversation. Ultimately, that language will turn out to be the only one he understands: poetry. As the sounds of revolution echo outside, Farah Kassem creates a deeply moving work, an intimate yet open portrait of her country in crisis.


We Are Inside  (Nahnou Fil Dakhil)

Directed by Farah Kassem
Lebanon, Qatar, Denmark | 2024 | 177 min
World premiere
Language : Arabic
Subtitles : English, French


Director's words of acknowledgement

Seven years have passed since the moment I started making, “We Are Inside” and in a month from now it will have its world premiere at Visions du Réel, part of the International Feature Film Competition.

There’s so much joy and gratitude in finally bringing this film to the outside at VdR… this joy is nevertheless tainted with the pain of all that has been happening in the last seven years, especially in these last months. I witnessed, among many others, a sense of deterioration and destruction, that will be very difficult to come back from. We’ve witnessed a revolution, the 4th of August Beirut explosion, the on-going m@ssacres in Ghazé and the attacks on Lebanon.

This film is dedicated to all of those who thrive on the quest for encountering whatever poetry is left in this world…To those who renounce their unbearable realities by embellishing their everyday with aesthetics, even if fleeting. And as I write this, I take a moment to mourn the souls of those who were sent forcefully to their death. We remain to witness their violent departure and try to make sense of the ruins of this world.