Volar by Carla Subirana

Carla Subirana’s documentary "Volar" takes us for the first time ever behind the scenes at the Spanish military airforce academy. Carla’s sharp focus presents everyday life at the academy for military training and a camera is even attached to one of the cadets when they fly, affording us some breathtaking angles of the world from above.

It took Carla Subirana a year to get permission from the Spanish ministry of defence to film rookie airforce pilots at the General Air Academy in San Javier, Murcia and her film can now be seen in Spain (for more information Her aim was to meet these rookies individually before they become indistinguishable from the masses of military personnel on duty engaged in strategic missions.

As children, they  all wanted to be pilots. They have all come to the academy with the dream of serving in the airforce, but what will they have to sacrifice to make this dream come true?