Venice Film Festival

Italian Cinema and Diversity

Il Cinema Italiano e la diversità: Una priorità invisibile was the title of the conference held at the Venice Film Festivalorganized by ANAC and #peruncinemadiverso in collaboration with Le Giornate degli Autori.

Patrizia Fregonese was EWA NEtwork’s representative in the conference.

The event was a clear opportunity to keep on working on gender equality, after last year’s presentation of the highlights of EWA’s pan-European research, and despite the scarcity of women directors in the Official competition.

How are the many facets of diversity portrayed on the big screen, and reflected in Italy’s audiovisual industry? How are the myriad identities concerning gender, ethnic group, religion, ability and disability, legal status, social milieu and all the other "differences" represented? Is the ‘cultural exception’ referred to in the European Commission programs really safeguarded, as the European directives would have it? Does Italy’s audiovisual output and programming guarantee pluralism and inclusion?
Moderated by: Umberto Marino, the speakers included:
Francesco Ranieri Martinotti (president of ANAC), Patrizia Fregonese (EWA NETWORK), Leonardo De Franceschi (Università Roma Tre), Bruno Torri (SNCCI), Laura Delli Colli (SNGCI), Deborah Young (film critic), Antonio Falduto (professor at  UNINT Università), Steve Della Casa (film critic),  Cecilia Ermini (Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro), Giulia Grassilli (Human Rights Nights), Paolo Masini (MiBACT), Nadia Kibout (actress and director).
As Patrizia Fregonese remarked, "this event has been a remarkable step on the path we should walk in Italy. EWA Research, alongside Mibact’s support, has strengthened the awareness and the necessary research to improve "lie of the land" oin our country. The relevant data exposed here, reveal a kind of self-censorship that women apply to themselves. It’s something I am aware and on which I have worked hard."