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The Cinéastes Non-Alignées at Cannes Festival

Elizabeth Thorne
Elizabeth Thorne

The Cinéastes Non-Alignées promote a new take on independent cinema

The Cinéastes Non-Alignées are EWA Network's guests of honour at our Networking Cocktail in Cannes on Sunday 19th.

The Collectif des Cinéastes Non-Alignées (in english : Non-Aligned Filmmakers Collective), defends a cinema that is first and foremost free -  whether it be freedom of tone, of its subjects, of its forms or aesthetics.

The CCNA defines the independent cinema they defend as a cinema that does not benefit from the relay or the financing and support that is expected. It doesn’t belong to the « big economy », the film industry or to a system. They speak of a cinema that travels across the world, opens itself as it takes its roots in a Franco-plural culture. It comes from multiple diasporas : african, caribbean, european, asian, south american, which are each just as plural as one another. The CCNA hopes to see many more horizons join the movement.

This independence is the basis of their project, which they are deeply attached to, knowing it will be strenghtened by solidarity and a desire to defend this way of doing cinema that seems vital in the world today, and in France in particular, according to the CCNA.

They do not claim a « raced » cinema as they wish not to be classified in themes according to continents : African Cinema, Suburban Cinema, Third World Cinema…. Which « makes it look like a second-class cinema or an under-developed cinema ».

The CCNA explains that if they are indeed this « third party », they can claim it only to a certain extent : where their cinema stands on the same level as the other forms of cinema, it is neither below nor under-developed, it is a full-fledged cinema which offers its own language, codes, images and free forms.

A cinema that obeys neither a consensus nor a speech, nor a system, but which offers a look, a reflection on our world, a cinema that takes its time.

The CCNA aims to establish different forms of action :

  • solidarity actions from women to women, in order to make things change in this industry despite their different cinema
  • sorority actions by setting up secure safe spaces
  • the work towards setting up a project on a statistical report. This action will serve everyone : institutions, governments, TV channels, distributors, festivals…

EWA Network is thrilled to receive as guests of honour the Cinéastes Non-Alignées. We feel honoured to promote the fundamental work the collective is undertaking regarding a revolution in representativity and visibility in the free and independent form of cinema that they offer.