New Albanian Women in Audiovisual joins EWA Network

AWA, Albanian Women in Audiovisual  joins the ecosystem of international Women's Networks

We are delighted to welcome AWA inside our supportive community of networking.


Albanian Women in Audiovisual (AWA) is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to empowering women in the audiovisual sector in Albania. Through legal advocacy, capacity building, and public education, we promote fair representation. Our goal is to create an industry where women and men have equal opportunities, setting a standard for best practices.


AWA current members are : Sabina Kodra, Anila Balla, Suela Bako, Valbona Kolgeci (Sulçe), Ajola Daja and Odeta Çunaj.

Sabina Kodra_AWA

Sabina Kodra. Producer.


Anila Balla. Producer


Suela Bako. Director