Migas de Pan (Breadcrumbs) is Uruguay’s Oscars Submission

"Migas de Pan" (Breadcrumbs) is officially the Uruguayan candidate to the Oscars.

"Breadcrumbs premiered at Montreal-Festival des Films du Monde. It has been successfully released in Uruguay (it is in its 4th week in the theaters now) and will participate in several festivals prior to its Spanish premiere in December.

Congratulations to EWA members, producers Cecilia Ibañez and Chelo Loureiro for the success of "Breadcrumbs".

Written and directed by Manane Rodríguez, "Migas de Pan" travels from the past and present. The story takes place between 1975 and 1982. Cecilia Roth and Justina Bustos embody Liliana Pereira through the years.

Director, Manane Rodríguez

Synopsis: When Liliana decides to return to Uruguay she will have to face up to a new dilemma, perhaps the last great dilemma of her life: To choose between supporting a collective case for female prisoners, raped during the time of the dictatorship, or to reconcile with her son and be able to live peacefully as a mother and a grandmother.

The film was shot in Montevideo (Uruguay) and the surroundings of La Coruña ( Spain)

Produced by XAMALÚ FILMES (Spain) and RCI PRODUCCIONES (Uruguay)