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Meet EWA members projects in Trieste’s co-production market

EWA Network Members at WEMW. Co-Production Market Pitch.



Projects pitching in the Co-Production Forum WEMW

By participants in the Mentoring Programme

9 Month Contract, directed by Ketevan Vashagashvili, produced by 1991 Productions | Georgia,  Agitprop | Bulgaria and Elamag Pictures | Germany

Faster than Shadows, directed by Letizia Lamartire, produced by Matrioska and Indigofilm | Italy

Still Life with Ghosts, directed by Enrique Buleo, produced by Quatre Films | Spain and Ikki Films | France

Projects by other EWA members:

Shakespeare Goes Armenian, directed by Inna Sahakyan and Lilit Movsisyan, produced by Bars Media | Armenia

When the Kids Sing the Hits, directed by Mina Djukic, produced by Sense Production | Serbia.

Last Stop Trieste

This section showcases works in progress documentary projects in a stage of a fine cut:

The land you belong by Elena Rebeca Carini. Small Boss | Italy and Luna Film | Romania

Smiling Georgia by Luka Beradze 1991 Productions | Georgia, Color of May | Germany and Enekeny Films | Georgia

This is It

This is IT is a works in progress section exclusively dedicated to feature films with strong visual and artistic approach produced/co-produced by Italian producers or coming from the WEMW 2023 spotlight territories. We congratulate the following projects produced o co-produced by EWA members

Fiume o morte!  by Igor Bezinović  Restart | Croatia, Videomante | Italy and NOSOROGI | Slovenia

Redemption by Sonja Prosenc. Monoo | Slovenia, Incipit film | Italia, Wolfgang & Dolly | Croatia, Living Pictures | Serbia and Norway

First Cut Lab

A program that operates twice a year, working in close cooperation with two dynamic and well-established film industry platforms: Trieste’s When East Meets West and Karlovy Vary IFF’s Eastern Promises. Participating projects benefit from lectures and individual mentoring consultations on promotion, marketing, PR & press, festivals, and sales strategy from various film industry consultants.

78 Days. Serbia.  Director: Emiija Gasic.  Producer: Milos Ivanovic, Andrijana Sofranic Sucur

Company: Set Sail Films

My Magical World. Azerbaijan. Director: Elvin Adigozel. Producer: Maria Ibrahimova, Emil Najaf

Company: Cinex Productions, Ultra Productions

EAVE Slate

An innovative programme offering to 8 companies developing a slate of A/V works, consultancies on how to build a successful company slate and strategic company planning, together with business-to-business exchanges with key players from different industry sectors. We are happy to find here some EWA members.

Mina Dreki.  Marni Films | Greece. Participant in the mentoring programme 2020

Dragana Jovović.  Non -Aligned Films | Serbia

Merja Ritola. Greenlit Productions | Finland. Participant in the multiple Revenue Stream Training 2016

Nadia Trevisan. Nefertiti Film | Italy. Participant in the mentoring programme 2018