Listen produced by Pinball London, to its world premiere in Venice

The debut fiction film by Ana Rocha will be screened at Orizzonti in the Biennale.

LISTEN, produced by Pinball London (Paula Vaccaro and Aaron Brookner) is the first English- Portuguese co-production.

Co-written by Paula Vaccaro, Aaron Brookner and Ana Rocha, the film will be the debut for the leading actress, Victoria Cordoba in an English speaking film.

CAST: Lúcia Moniz, Maisie Sly, Sophia Myles, Ruben Garcia, James Felner, Brian Bovell,Kiran Sonia Sawar.

Distributed by Magnolia Pictures international



Set on the outskirts of London, where Portuguese immigrant couple Bela and Jota are struggling to make ends meet. Things are getting worse, and the wellbeing of their deaf seven-year-old daughter is in jeopardy. When social services grow concerned for her and for the safety of all three of their children, the parents must do everything in their power to keep their family together.

Production Company

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Rodrigo Areias and Bando aParte

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Lorna Lee Torres
Magnolia Pictures
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Paula Vaccaro is a mentor in the EWA Network mentoring programme