You will be a man : crowdfunding by Isabel de Ocampo

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Award-winning producer/director Isabel de Ocampo is about to complete the postproduction of her documentary "You Will Be a Man" , a documentary about men and masculinity. A rich and complex approach that invites us to think over our education and socialisation in regard to gender.

Check the crowdfunding campaign here. The contributions will be put towards post-production work, PR and advertising of the documentary.

"Every 20 minutes a case of rape is reported in India. Every 8 hours in Spain. Every 4 hours in Mexico. One in five female university students is raped on US campuses. In Peru, 75% of all women will be raped before they turn 15 years old. The countries that have the courage to register the sexist murders - defining them and differentiating them from other types of violence - throw up frightening figures. What's going on? Gender violence is not a problem that affects only women. 90% of the violence committed in the world is generated by men towards other men, women, boys and girls. We must go deeper into the origin of this problem, which is none other than a masculinity mandate that perceives violence and domination as an expression of virility.

You will be a man is a feature documentary aligned to this historical moment that we are now living through and that has caught many by surprise. The movements #MeToo, #Cuéntalo #BalanceTonPorc and equivalents and the firm reactions of women from all parts of the world to the harassment and violence against them speak of a historical change in mentality where Feminism is going to be heard and not only dismissed.


You will be a man is a sensory journey through reflections on our gender identity. From nature's point of view we are only bodies, but wrapped in social and cultural contexts that shape and condition us.

A trip guided by an ex-pimp trapped in his past and a visual artist who uses their pain to give provocative performances.

The class of a secondary school teacher and the internal arguments of a team of publishers, become scenarios for debate on the same theme, with reflections from several thinkers who address the issue of masculinity from multiple points of view interspersed throughout.

A collage about the notion of masculinity that poses questions of maximum relevance.Are we men in crisis? Are the social roles we have inherited through centuries of history still relevant? What is patriarchy? What does it mean to be a father?

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