Gold Medal of Merit for Cecilia Bartolomé

On 2 February the Spanish filmmaker Cecilia Bartolomé received the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts Award for her lifetime's achievement from the King and the Queen of Spain. The Gold Medal is awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain to individuals or institutions excelling in artistic or cultural creation or to those that have provided valuable services to promoting art and culture.

EWA’s Executive President Isabel de Ocampo and CIMA’s President Virgina Yagüe were honoured to share this special moment with Cecilia Bartolomé after she received this mark of distinction from the Queen of Spain.

Cecilia Bartolomé with her niece, Queen Letizia, Isabel de Ocampo and Virginia Yagüe

Cecilia Bartholomé was born in Spain but spent her childhood in Equatorial Guinea. She began her film career in the sixties being one of the few women who graduated from film school at that time, along with Josefina Molina and Pilar Miró.

Her work has been full of transgressive female characters fighting against social conventions imposed by society (the Spanish at the time). A fine sense of humour, irony and sarcasm have been the hallmarks of this filmmaker who signed the first openly feminist film of Spanish cinema in 1978 with “Vámonos Bárbara”. Especially noteworthy is his documentary work on the Spanish transition “Después de… No se os puede dejar solos.”