Fresno Films offers legal advice and consultancy

Fresno Films offers its creative consultancy, legal advice and adaptation services with reduced rate for EWA members

The company founded by Mónica Fernández in 2017 is offering new services and a special discount for EWA members


At  Fresno  films, we are experts in consultancy and advice, with wide experience in executive production, contents, law, marketing and internationalisation.

With the launch of our services we would like to offer our knowledge in these areas to advise and support you throughout your project. As film production company, we face every day the setbacks and challenges that go with the development of a film project. Our objective is to make the whole process easier for you so that we can focus in what really matters: creating a unique piece of work.

CREATIVE CONSULTANCY: We have made storytelling our passion. Now,  we want to help you write your own story. Script analysis, consultancy, script doctoring and script-on-demand.

LEGAL ADVICE: We take care of all legal, administrative, tax and commercial aspects of your project.

TEXT ADAPTATION: Beyond translation: we adapt your texts to international markets.

STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY: One step further: we help you turn your project into film.

You can also check their services at the French version of the website

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