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Silent land (formerly Fortnight) wins EWA Award at Fest Forward

"Silent Land" by Aga Woszczynska wins the Fest Forward and EWA Network Women in Pitch Award

We’re happy to announce that Silent Land, formeerly known as Fortnight, written by Aga Woszczynska and Piotr Litwin, produced by Lava Films and directed by Aga Woszczynska has been awarded with the Film Center Serbia and EWA Network Prize at Fest Forward Women in Pitch Award.


Anna and Adam, young married couple from Poland, spend a fortnight in southern Italy. At the beginning of their stay, an accident happens, a man dies in front of their eyes. They observe the tragic accident but they don’t offer help, they remain passive. Anna and Adam continue their stay in total denial. Yet, for how long can they go without remorse? Slowly, they start to lose control over their lives. Feeling of guilt, at first rejected and subconscious begins to reign over their seemingly stable relationship


Silent land” is a kind of a tale based on undertones and nuances, whispers rather than cries. It’s an
intimate observation of people, who are caught by guilt and fear to lose their sense of security.
I would like to take my audience on an unhurried and quiet journey into the collapse of a relationship.
I’d like to start a discussion about what concerns me - the condition of my generation, and more widely, about the condition of contemporary Europe. I want to speak about thirty-something Europeans, their emotional isolation, moral confusion and irrational fear that leads to fanatic isolation. In "Silent land” I want to show people my age who identify convenience with happiness. They want to live an easy life and they don’t want to be disturbed. But what if this indierence leads to someone’s death