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Networking and Women’s panels in Berlinale 2020

Berlinale Gender-centered events

Friday 21.02  Pro Quote Film. 2nd Round Table of Women's Organizations in Film and Media

55 organizations from 25 countries gathered to discuss the overall situation and how the narrative was shifting. In the French Embassy, the reps of the associations shared the core of their work, as they were sitting with Melissa Silverstein (Women and Hollywood) who facilitated the conversation.

Collectif 50/50, WIFTI, SWAN,  SWIFT, SFI and on EWA NETWORK's side, Alessia Sonaglioni stressed the importance of 50/50 in selection committees, networking, bridge-building and provide a safe enviroment to fight harrssment

The Executive Director of the International Berlin Film Festival, Mariette Rissenbeek, honoured Pro Quote Film for the unstoppable awareness they managed to reach in Germany.

Sunday 23.02 Round table on "Gender and diversity in the next MEDIA programme"

Organised by the European Commission during the Berlinale Film Festival.


The first – Gender and Diversity in the next MEDIA Programme -  brought together members of the European Parliament, public authorities and industry representatives, including EWA Network represented by Tamara Tatishvili to discuss what concrete measures and initiatives could be introduced in the next edition of MEDIA to make it more inclusive and diverse, in close cooperation with the industry and both national and international funds.

In closing, Lucia Recalde noted that the sense of urgency was “very clear” and that environmental sustainability was now a key priority of both the European Parliament and Commission, alongside other aspects of social responsibility such as gender diversity.

Monday 24.02 EWA Network Annual event for members

As of 2017, EWA Network organised its annual members meeting in the rooms of Collegium Hungaricum, its long-time Berlin partner.

25.02 Uni Mei. Working Group on Film & TV production: Promoting Dignity at work

Since Fall 2019 EWA NETWORK is actively present in Brussels and enforces cooperation with various stakeholders. EWA NETWORK enjoys continuous cooperation with UNI global union - media, entertainment & arts. During Berlinale we were invited as guest speaker Organization in frames of annual meeting of Working Group on Film & TV production: Promoting Dignity at work.

Tamara Tatishvili made presentation in front of the working group and engaged in active dialogue about issues such as work life balance, access to childcare and other topical issues under gender equality agenda.

Daphne Tepper  Director – Media, Entertainment and Arts

UNI europa – European Services Workers Union