Participants to EWA’s training

EWA Network's flagship training starting up in Pisa

The first Workshop of this year’s Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films will take place in Pisa, Italy, from June 29 to July 3.

14 participants from 9 different countries will come together near the first city of cinema of Italy, Pisorno, to work on their individual projects.

The workshop week in Pisa is the first out of the two workshops of the 2016 EWA training for directors and producers. Our well-trusted Kobi Shely from Distrify Media will be the tutor for the course, which will address with the expertise of our trainers the latest insight in film financing and audience building.

EWA’s 2016 pedagogical core team is composed of top-notch experts in crowdfunding (Hilla Medalia - Medalia Productions), rich media & mobile distribution (Mirona Nicola -, financing (Marco Dreysse, financing consultant), pitching (Agathe Berman – Legato Films), development (Tereza Simikova - Doc Incubator), brand marketing (Marina Marzotto - Propaganda Italia) and script-writing (Suzanne Pradel - BuchScout).

The lucky participants whose projects include fiction, documentaries and cross media projects are:

  • Suzan Guverte, Turkey, Producer. Drama “Yurt

When his conservative father sends Ahmet (10) to an Islamic dormitory to become a devout Muslim, Ahmet finds himself in a world that he never knew before. Navigating his own adolescent growing pains, he risks losing the life he knew and love he needs.

  • Serena Gramizzi, Italy, Producer. Artistic science-fiction “CERN: Experimental city

The film portraits the everyday work, the daily life and the intimate dreams and nightmares of the scientific community living in CERN in Geneva, the biggest research centre for particle physics in the world. Can such an experimental city be an exportable model? Can it be adopted elsewhere?

  • Valeria Mazzucchi, Italy, Director. Documentary “Donus-Retour

Jérôme Bastion is a French reporter living in Turkey. After 20 years he decided to leave this country while he questions his role as a journalist.

  • Izaskun Arandia, Spain, Director & Producer. Documentary “My way out

A quest documentary following the adventures of Yogurinha Borova, the only professional transvestite in the very conservative Basque Country, on her quest to achieve her dream: to perform at the legendary transgender venue Way Out Club in London.

  • Glynnis Ritter, Sweden, Producer & Outreach Manager. Documentary “Dead donkeys fear no hyenas

Dead donkeys fear no hyenas is a documentary thriller investigating the murky concept of ’land grabbing’ - a modern form of colonisation where foreign investors buy or lease large farmland areas in developing countries without benefiting the local population.

  • Merja Ritola, Finland, Producer. Creative documentary “Lasikatto

’Lasikatto’ (The Glass Ceiling) is a feature documentary about the invisible hand of the glass ceiling that shapes the fortunes of Finnish women living across Europe.

  • Irene de Lucas Ramon, Spain, Scriptwriter & Director. Science-fiction drama “Eutropia

Intended to permanently subdue routine and reinstate hope, in 2055, Eutropia comes to life.

  • Vera Juliusdottir, Iceland, Director. Documentary “Songs of home

Every Tuesday, a group of people gather to sing traditional songs from their native land. This is the Icelandic Choir of London.

  • Mariette Feltin, France, Director. Documentary “Bilingualism in all its forms

Autobiographical multilingual writings and portraits of newcomers’ children in Alsace and New York and testimonies of parents, teachers and researchers about their practices and teaching of multilingual children in Alsace and New York is the core of the project.

  • Marina Kunarova, Kazakhstan, Scriptwriter & Director. Drama “The Hitler phenomenon

A teenager suffering from a mental illness becomes a victim of an illegal experiment "Phenomenon of Hitler" that destroys his personality and makes him commit a mass murder.

  • Yessenyia Abenova, Kazakhstan, Director. Thriller “To be or not to be

An actor, whose career went downhill, gets an interesting offer to play a role of maniac who is obsessed with Shakespeare and he struggles to differentiate a real world with his imaginary world.

  • Marina Lazarevska, Macedonia. Vod Platform “SeeMovies

SeeMovies is a complete and intelligent solution, which allows a user to acquire and watch a video chosen among a custom selection of movies from South-Eastern Europe.

  • Cristina Rajola, Italy, Producer. Creative documentary “The killer & the butterfly

A fragile 17 year old girl navigates a tough family, a rough neighbourhood, and the temptation of adolescence on her way to the Olympics.

  • Maru Solores, Spain, Director & Screenwriter. Creative documentary “Aztarnak / Huellas

Could we say that the seeds of human suffering and happiness are sown in childhood? The period of life, which we do not remember, the intrauterine life and infancy, leaves strong imprints on us. A personal reflection on these imprints and on raising the adults of the future.

MRST4FF is a Training course supported by Creative Europe-MEDIA.