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EWA Network Award for Equality and inclusion in WEMW 2024

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

The Blue Sweater with a Yellow Hole wins the EWA Network Award for Equality & Inclusion in WEMW

Amongst the projects selected at the When East Meets West Trieste co-production market, EWA Network rewards every year the best project directed by a woman with a development prize.

The Ukrainian director Tetiana Khodakivska enchanted us with  her project The Blue Sweater with a Yellow Hole, produced by Elena Saulich, Pronto Film in association with Moon Man and Babylon’13.


This mixed-media documentary follows the Ukrainian children Kira, Taisa, and Artem as they paint their memories of Russian “summer camps”.  The animated scenes immerse into shifting identity experiences contouring the propaganda in the modern world.

Director’s Profile

Tetiana Khodakivska is an award-winning Ukrainian filmmaker, who strives to explore pressing social issues and combine meaningful themes with exciting storytelling. Her projects include a cinema vérité documentary about mortality ENTICING, SUGARY, BOUNDLESS OR SONG AND DANCES ABOUT LIFE that was nominated as best documentary at the Ukrainian Film Academy Awards. Particularly, Tetiana is interested in examining society from children’s perspective. Her most recent documentary STORIES FROM THE CELLAR shows the war in Ukraine with children’s eyes [currently in the final stage of post production] Her body of work also includes the mini-series ANGELS OF WAR, which follows the stories of siblings during the Second World War. The film received the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. Tetiana also received the Ukrainian Academy Award for editing the children’s film FOXTER AND MAX.

Khodakivska is a member of the European Film Academy, Ukrainian Film Academy, the Ukrainian Directors Guild and Babylon’13. Among her teaching experience are lectures in the Harriman Institute of Columbia University and Ukrainian Cinema Institutes; and master classes for the Directors Guild of Ukraine.


Also, EWA Network offered another prize to one of the projects in the Circle Women Doc Accelerator programme to Lisa Smith with her project. She will receive one year of membership and consultancy on her project.

Lisa Smith is a British producer who’s most recent works include an animated documentary series exploring stories of Roma and Sinti resistance during WW2 with Roma Trial e.V . She is Co-Curator of the International Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA?. and Chair of  (The Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and Other Travellers) She is  founder of Patrin Films Ltd a collective promoting visibility of Romani perspectives through the production of documentary and fiction films.