Eurimages and OFI host equality meeting

The Austrian Film Institute (OFI) and the Eurimages gender equality working group met in Vienna on 16 December for a brainstorming workshop with FC Gloria, representatives from more than 10 national film funds and Austrian producers, directors and festivals.

On 16 December The Austrian Film Institute (OFI) represented by Roland Teichmann (OFI, Director) and Iris Zappe-Heller (OFI, Deputy Director) and the Eurimages gender equality group represented by Sanja Ravlic (Chair, representative to Eurimages from HAVC - the Croatian Audiovisual Centre), as well as Isabel Castro (Deputy Executive Director, Eurimages) and Alessia Songalioni (Project Manager) hosted a gender equality brainstorming meeting.
The meeting brought together over 10 national film fund representatives showing the huge support and seriousness with which this issue is treated throughout Europe. The participating countries included: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. New research is being carried out in the Netherlands and Austria - both countries have rather different pictures as far as gender equality in film is concerned - and EWA will share these reports when they have been published/finalised.

The event was opened by the University Professor and specialist on gender issues Gabriele Michalitsch.

EWA presented its work over the past year and its strategy for bringing about greater gender equality as well as sharing a year in pictures and its ambitions for the future. Its work was well received by those participating and this will hopefully lead to more reinforced partnerships. One of the strongest comments was that training on finance and negotiation was essential and EWA is now planning to host its training course in this area in Austria later next year. Keep checking the training page for more information.

Research, training, advocacy and bridge-buidling will carry on and EWA’s awareness-raising work has certainly had an impact in 2013. Next year we will announce some Eurimages policy changes too as far as gender equality is concerned.