Women’s films @ Alcances Film Festival

Alcances line-up will show 50% of documentaries directed by women.

"Game Over" by Alba Sotorra, "La Fiesta de Otros" by Ana Serret, "Malpartida Fluxus Village" by María Pérez and "Next" by Elia Urquiza are selected in official competition. They represent 4 out of 7 feature films. Including medium-length features and shortfilms, women have directed 16 out of 31 films screened in the festival.

This is quite a milestone for this year’s festival and it clearly shows how powerful women are becoming in the documentary arena.

On this occasion, CIMA, the Spanish Association of Women in film, will award a special prize for the best women director among the films  in competition.

On September 11th a round table will be organized with the president of Cima, Virgina Yagüe, cinematographer Delia Márquez, Maria José Debén, Editor and film-maker, Marta Velasco, exec.producer and Julia Oliva, actress and CIMA’s delegate in Andalucia.