“Who the Devil can See in the Dark?” in Helsinki Doc Point

Who the Devil Can See in the Darkdocumentary film by EWA member Mari Soppela premiered at DocPoint Helsinki 2015 and was also screened in Tampere. looking forward to its international premiere.


A Finnish filmmaker, on behalf of her unwilling father, searches for the German soldier who sired him, with surprising results.

Who the Devil Can See in the Dark - Trailer (720p) from LPMA Productions & Recordings on Vimeo.

During World War 2, German soldiers left an invisible genetic legacy across Europe. They had affairs with local women in the allied and the occupied countries. Tens of thousands of children were born during the war. Most of the war children, now in their 70s, have only recently started to search for their fathers. Filmmaker Mari Soppela's father is no different.

Who the Devil Can See in the Dark is about a father and a daughter, finding and meeting their lost & found family. How has this father's fatherlessness shaped them and their relationship?

Using a Scandinavian style of shooting – static camera & long-held takes – the film manages to blend real and cyber landscapes. The journey begins in Finland and goes on to Amsterdam, Norway, and Germany, before coming together in Finnish Lapland. Here we have the consequences of war for three generations and two families. Will there be closure ?