Torn Love by Nurdan Tümbek continues its succesfull career

Torn Love by Nurdan Tümbek continues its succesfull career

After being selected at 54th Antalya Film Festival, Torn Love, the directorial debut of Nurdan Tümbek continues its succesful career.


Ali (16) comes to Amberseki village placed in Karaburun, Izmir in Turkey from the village of Kareferye in Greece along with his grandmother (Hatice 60) and aunt (Zeynep 35) during the population exchange in 1924.

Ali, his grandmother and aunt settle in a village that has been assigned to them after a tough ship cruise. While the family was wealthy back in Greece, they are in complete disappointment in Ambarseki. Despite this, Ali comes to like the village. This is because he likes Nergis (15). But the inhabitants of the village are prejudiced against this family from Greece. Himmet Aga (60) is the lead of this crowd. Himmet Aga’s son Zübeyir (18) likes Nergis. While Ali and Zübeyir’s fights are because of Nergis, the fight was at its foundation based on inhabitant-exchangee dichotomy. Both the fact that the family did not like the house they were assigned to, and that they were bothered by Himmet Aga and his son, triggered their escape from the village. Ali gets completely annoyed by this situation. He does not want to leave the village, but he cannot stand against his grandmother’s and aunt’s pressure and they migrate to Istanbul. Ali, who writes letters to Nergis from Istanbul, cannot get a response and starts to work at a jewelry store.

Years pass by. A woman (Nergis) comes to Ali’s jewelry store to get her necklace fixed. Ali recognizes he necklace, they stare at each other in shock, they remember each other. Both of them are both excited and happy. They sit in a café, fulfill their longings. Ali’s wife has passed away and Nergis is subjected to violence by her husband. When new hopes have started to sprout for the two, Ali’s heart cannot handle this excitement.