Singled [out] by members Relea and Guiu receive Eurimages support

We are delighted to see that EWA member Ariadna Relea and Mariona Guiu received Eurimages support for their documentary Singled [out]. 10 out of 29 projects recently supported by Eurimages will be directed by women


This documentary will be shot in Australia, China, Spain and Turkey, directed by Mariona Guiu and Ariadna Relea and produced by Suricata Stories and Lacivert Film in coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya.

Singled [out] Topic

For the first time, single people now outnumber married people in several parts of the world. In urban areas in Australia, almost one in three women aged 30 to 34 do not have a partner. In Spain we reach the same ratio for both men and women. 30% of Japanese women aged 30-45 are not getting married. In 2009, the proportion of American women who were married dropped below 50 percent. China has about 20 million more men under 30 than women but there are 800,000 unmarried 30-plus-year-old women with a good education and high income, that have endured being called “leftover women”.  In fact, in each language there is still a word to designate single women from a certain age: there is the “spinster” in English, “solterona” in Spanish, “shengnu” (leftover) in Chinese. None of them describe a woman who is enjoying her singledom but a woman who hasn’t been successful to find a husband to get married.

It’s causing a huge trickle-down effect, too, with the way that people live, work, and socialize changing across the board. In other words, being single now is also being part of the biggest social change to happen in this millennium so far. Is the society ready for that?

Singled [out] is a window on the stigma that many women go through as a result of being single and not having found ‘the one’, while showcasing as well the self-imposed pressure that many of them (us) experience due to that sense of failure. It also portrays advanced and happy single-life choices, when that conflict on ‘not having found anyone’ has been accepted, and overcome.

Ultimately, Singled [out] explores the world of educated women in four corners of the world who share the mission of understanding and accepting the role that pairing-up (or not pairing up) has in their lives.

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