Voices of Parents&Carers in the UK Film industry

Last year, Raising Films started a conversation about the challenges faced by parents and carers working in film and television. Now, they’re proud to present what they have learned with the results of our survey — the first nationwide look into the impact of caring on career development across the industry.

This survey reveals very clear barriers for parents and carers who work within film and TV, which do not only affect women, but continue to affect them disproportionately. 640 respondents participated, with over half living outside Greater London, across the UK. 72% of both male (21%) and female (78%) respondents are or have been parents or carers, of whom 11% are sole parents or carers.

79% of professionals report their caring role had a NEGATIVE IMPACT on their role within the film industry.

The four key actions suggested by Raising Films are:

·      Enable financial assistance for child and elder care

·      Encourage industry-wide adoption of flexible working and access to child/elder care

·      Formalise a way to combat discrimination

·      Normalise conversations around caring commitments with employers and financiers

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