On the Milky Road, produced by Paula Vaccaro in competition in Venice

NA MLIJECNOM PUTU (ON THE MILKY ROAD), a Serbian, UK and US coproduction directed by Emir Kusturica has been seelectd in competition in Venice Film Festival.

Congratulations to the producer Paula Vaccaro (Pinball London), member of EWA Network.

Inspired by Kusturica´s short film from the omnibus film Words with Gods, On the Milky Road unfolds as a three part narrative. The film follows three challenging periods of a man’s life, both for him and his native land: a difficult period while at war, a blossoming time when he falls in love for a woman who is willing to sacrifice everything to save him and during his last days as a reclusive monk who looks back upon his turbulent life. Shot on location in the Balkans, the film will be the return to feature filmmaking of twice Palme D’Or winner Kusturica, after seven years. With Monica Belucci as the love interest of our hero and Emir Kusturica himself in the main role.