KAYA-An invitation to look beyond stereotypes

Canan Turan is the director and one of the two protagonists in the film. After her 2013 short film KIYMET that tells the story of her strong grandmother she decided to make a film about her dad Hamdi Kaya Turan. Canan lives and works in Berlin and Barcelona and is a member of EWA Network since 2013.

"It requires courage to tell a personal story since the protagonists are revealing something private, thereby making themselves vulnerable. What my dad and I hope we can achieve with this film is to encourage viewers to think about their own family history and conflicts. Behind the seemingly irreconcilable differences often lie more similarities than one would believe. Those that get inspired will find many relatable factors with KAYA - THE ROCK AND THE SEA. Our great efforts would pay off if we succeed in doing that. Today, media portrayals often made by non-migrants lead to the spread of stereotypical representations, especially of the alleged culturally-based oppression of the Turkish father. Our film invites viewers to look beyond the prevalent stereotypes and to be open to a subjective view of a migrant's life that does not claim to be representative of an entire community. Our target group includes all people who feel close to the themes of family, migration, and individual freedom. In an autobiographical story the important things to us come to light: the balancing act between the things that are expected of us and the things that are personally meaningful to us. KAYA also shows a part of German migration history from the perspective of a Kreuzberg family who grants access to their conflicts and reconciliations. What does it mean to build a life for yourself in a place where you are just perceived as a "guest" and at some point not welcome anymore?"


KAYA — THE ROCK AND THE SEA is a 90-minute feature documentary in which Canan and her father go on a journey through time and into the depths of their souls. Formerly caught intheir fixed roles as ‘the oppressor' and ‘the oppressed', they both seizetheir encounters in front of the camera as a chance to transformtheir relationship. They ask themselves how they can live out their dreams despite the traumas that they experienced in their family and as Turkish migrants in Germany in intense conversations spanning over 2 years.

KAYA also tells the (migration) history of the 2nd and 3rd generation Canan's Dad didn't want to be an egoist and bully like his own father, and luckily he never was. However, as a child Canan could feel that he was unhappy with his familial responsibilities as he was with life in general. Even though he didn't say it, she knew that he was yearning for something else. As an adult she found out that something else he never told her about was a life back in Turkey. Canan's film gradually shows what really lies behind his longing for “home” and ultimately reveals a commonality between them: the wish for freedom.

Their filmic journey leads them to important places and stations in their life in Turkey, Berlin, and Barcelona.

KAYA - THE ROCK AND THE SEA is not just about the past. She is supporting her Dad in being free here and now by inviting him to connect with his own feelings of freedom; just like he began supporting and encouraging her in her pursuits after the tumultuous time they had together during her teen years. Solid as a this film they switch their roles to a certain extent and dive into the sea of 1000 possibilities.


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