Is ART an abbreviation of Arthur?

Tue 23 Sept 16:00 / Inkonst Klubben

Is equality a factor for success for a Nordic film industry in crisis?
What does the resistance look like and what are the challenges for a more equal Nordic film industry?
How do we implement the most advantageous of changes?
What happens if women don’t make movies?

Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI) is a global network striving to increase visibility and support for women working with film, TV and other media, present in 40 countries with more than 10 000 members. The five different WIFT-organisations in the Nordic countries have positioned themselves as important agents of change that apply a variety of strategies to achieve equality in the film industry.

With a strong line-up of women directors in the competition category of this year’s Nordisk Panorama we ask women filmmakers about their experiences
and conditions working in an industry dominated by men. Experiences and questions will be developed to a Nordic manifest for equality that will be on
every financiers desk within a year. We discuss future possibilities, current conditions and terms, wages, government financial film support, recognition
and visibility in the media for women filmmakers.

In cooperation with: WIFT


Tove Torbiörnsson (moderator)

Nanna Frank Rasmussen

Dögg Mosesdottir

Jenni Koski

Ingebjörg Torgersen

Helene Granqvist