Giovanna Ribes is shooting in Valencia

EWA member, director Giovanna Ribes, has started shooting her second feature film, La Familia (The Family). The film is entirely shot in Valencian language.

DIrector Giovanna Ribes

University student Roger is about to start living in his new shared flat. He accepts to take in his grandfather Roger, who refuses to stay in an elderly home in spite of his attacks of senile dementia. Now they are two, two lost Roger, searching for a past that looks real, without understanding the present that looks like a lie.

The name Roger seems like a curse, the destiny of the men of his family: short-tempered, distant, a little misogynist but unable to live without a woman.

Amongst reality and fiction building up in his grandfather's mind, Roger (the nephew) unveils the past of that family, which defines him. Secrets, old struggles, the silence and the well kept pain that sometimes burst in a shout. Together with his aunt Andrea, he will ease that pain and transform that family into a more livable or at least a more caring one.

The film has been supported by CulturArts IVAC.

Good luck!