El Tren de la Libertad, Audience Award in Belgium

El TREN de la LIBERTAD ("The Train of Freedom"), the collective documentary made by more than 100 spanish female filmmakers and technicians (in opposition to the Law against abortion) has been granted the Audience Award in the Festival Coupe-Circuit, BelgiumThis prize makes possible the screening of the film at next Festival Filmer a Tout Prix

The film was shot almost entirely on 1 February 2014, the date the demonstrations were held in Madrid and other supportive demonstrations in Paris, Amsterdam, London and Buenos Aires.


Next month the movie will be seen in Leeds, UK; in California at “Festival de Todos los santos” and in Córdoba, at Centro de la Mujer de Lucena following this journey to the simultaneous release in more than a hundred places in Spain last Summer.

Preproduced in just the 3 days before the demonstration, the film can be seen now in vimeo with the spirit of being shared and shown worldwide.

The draft of the new Law has been frozen and the Minister in charge offered his resignation.